VPC Specialty Lending Investments PLC

The specialty lending market has grown in prominence following the financial crisis as a result of regulation (particularly in Europe and the U.S.) imposing restrictions on certain types of lending by banks to both consumers and small businesses.

The Company intends to generate an attractive total return for shareholders consisting of dividend income and capital growth via investments in a diverse portfolio of specialty lending opportunities across multiple on-line, direct lending electronic platforms.

The Company will invest across various platforms, asset classes, geographies (primarily U.S. and Europe) and credit bands. Direct investments may include consumer and small and medium sized business loans, advances against corporate trade receivables and/or purchases of corporate trade receivables originated by platforms. Indirect investments may include credit facilities, equity investments or other instruments to platforms and investments in third party funds, including other funds managed by the investment manager.

The Company’s investment manager is Victory Park Capital Advisors, LLC.